Fiction20 Series – Excerpts

Fiction20 Series – Excerpts

Episode 3: #Fiction20

No no no no no!

I scream even though no words leave my mouth.

With tears falling rapidly from my eyes, I rapidly back away from the bloodied mess beside me till I hit the wall with my back, my bottoms screaming with pain.


I scream in my mind again refusing to believe what I’m seeing.

No. It can’t be Jaleel. Audhubillahi
Not my husband.
Breathe in; breathe out.
Who killed my husband?!!

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Writen by: Habibat Aminu (Bybarh)
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Episode2: #Fiction20 – Blackouts

December 2015  

The phone rang. “Hello Ahmed, peace be onto you”. “Good morning Jaleel, peace be onto you too”. “Can I see you today please.” Jaleel and Armani’s Doctor replied. “Okay, I’ll meet you at the clinic by 2pm today” as Jaleel hanged up. “Alright dear, I will be seeing Ahmed later today, he has some good news for us I guess” Jaleel remarked with a smile as he kissed Armani and left for work.

Later that day at the clinic with Dr Ahmed. Jaleel was quite curious about why the Doctor wanted to see him so urgently. “Jaleel, based on my past sessions with you and Armani as well as a couple of tests done on her, results show Armani is experiencing a condition known as ‘Blackouts’”, Ahmed explained subtly to Jaleel.

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Written by: Micheal Tadese

Episode 1: #Fiction20 

Abuja, 1993

Hadjia Hassanat sat in the compound  of the beautiful building she loved to call ‘Castle’ and heaved a deep sigh. She was many months gone and knew the baby would pop anytime, she kept hoping that the moment came earlier than the doctor  envisaged , just so she would get it over with and push out the ‘thing’ inside her .

She was tired of  carrying a bump so huge and she had grown really fat over the years. Her  husband always had a  busy day but he  made sure to check on her through the company messenger who came home twice a day to see how she was faring. He had spent his earlier years as a Bureau De Change apprentice, now he owns and operates five branches of his and this meant he had to be constantly available. It was from this business he was able to build the huge edifice that Hadjia loved so much and many more.

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Written by: Tolani Busari

Episode 4: #Fiction20

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