Fiction20 Series – Excerpts

Fiction20 Series – Excerpts

Episode 10: #Fiction20

“Jaja, Armani is dead.” Anita uttered at the other end of the phone.

“What? Armani is what?” He fumed, shouting at the top of his voice.

She let out a deep sigh. She knew it wouldn’t be easy for Jaja to take. Her fingers quivered slightly as she held the cell phone to her ears. She was a tad relieved that she was not with him to bear the brunt of his anger. She could have sworn he could put a bullet through her skulls if she had been right there with him.

“That’s not bad wording possible. Armani is what?”, he asked again.

“Armani is dead. I just found out. I confirmed it.” She tried to sound as calm as possible. For the past few hours, she had been trying to figure out how it could have happened.

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Written by: Orifunke Lawal (Facebook)

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Episode 9: #Fiction20


She stretched out on the huge king sized bed as the welcoming sun rays from the window filled the room and woke her up.

She smiled and sat up, inhaling the fresh morning scent of her new environment. She could not remember the last time she slept this good without any nightmares from her past or disoriented morning after thoughts.

Her hands impulsively moved to her growing bump….Allah had been very merciful, her baby was still alive and kicking!

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Written by: Charity Okorie

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Episode 8: #Fiction20

Abeeb tiptoed from the bed towards the door. As he shut the door, he looked towards the bed. Hassanat’s chest rose and fell in rhythm with her deep breaths. For the first time since he returned home, she was deep asleep. He locked the door behind him. She won’t be awake for the next 4 hours, not with the drugs in her system. It would give him enough time to settle things.

As he drove out, he could picture the faces of his servants. Pity. They felt sorry for his choice of wife. A woman who was weak, with bouts of psychosis, and now a child murderer. The first two were true, but the last, no, Hassanat didn’t kill their daughter. He knew she had her limitations, but murder wasn’t one of them.

A car infront of him flashed its lights 4 times in quick successions. He followed the car into an untarred road. They stopped in front of an abandoned uncompleted building. The car he had followed flashed its lights again and honked the horn 3 times. Seconds later, a figure came out with a bundle in its arm.

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Written by: Oma Okpala

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Episode 7: #Fiction20

Jaja sat on the terrace in the beach apartment he was renting, sipping on the cold mai tai in front of him, enjoying the sea breeze. He could spot Anita on the beach,making her way towards the apartment. The best thing about the apartment was that you could see the whole island from here. He could tell when people came and when they went. And to the locals, he was just another dark skinned man with a nice accent and lots of money.

That was all you needed these days and he was grateful for that. Anita was finally here, he watched her as she made her way up the stairs, her long legs sliding gracefully in front of the other. The thing he liked most about Anita was the fact that she knew her strong points and she wasn’t afraid to use them. He admired her, how could he not? When you are born into wretchedness and somehow find the means to claw yourself up and make it to the heights she’s at, you definitely have his respect. Plus she was a fine piece of ass. Too bad Jaleel couldn’t appreciate that.

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Written by: Ifunanya Dibiaezue

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Episode 6: #Fiction20

Revenge they say, is a dish best served cold but then, I wouldn’t know, I like my meals spicy hot.

People think I’m mean, when all I do is look out for my family. Jaleel is weak and the 13th descendants of the Dan Fodio clan are not known for weakness.

The instruction was simple – kill them off, get closer to the daughter and finish her too. I trusted my baby brother to do this – for me, for our parents, to protect our name! We are known to revenge but trust Jaleel to catch feelings and be stupid.

If you’re wondering what my name is, it’s Jaja and I’m what you guys would call a bla Bla black sheep.

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Written by: Doris (1NigerianGirl)

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 Episode 5: #Fiction20

Armani could hear a voice scream, breaking her off her deep thoughts about Kaka and her mother. She quickly put away all the baking and kitchen utensils she had been cleaning. She does that every time, every time she was lost in thought, every time she blacked out, she cleaned, she baked, “it helps me feel closer to my mothers,” she explained to Dr Ahmed when he asked about how she copes on one of her routine visits.

Moving closer to the bedroom, the voice had steadied into wails. Armani wiped her face and made her way towards the room. She should be in tears for her dead husband, she should be in tears for being the killer, or perhaps, she could still make her way out of the house without anyone noticing. Rather, she found herself walking towards the room she had shared with Jaleel for the past three years. Where now, a strange woman who had just called her husband ‘hers’, laid.

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Writen by: Amina (thedoublequeen)

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Episode 4: #Fiction20

Dearest Armani,
I’m ending my life today because I cannot bear to live with myself
anymore, I cannot live knowing that I am the cause of your terrible
condition, one of the things the doctor told me when I went to see him was
that your blackouts were as a result of a traumatic experience you might
have had and I know from when you told me how your parents died that I
was the one responsible for their death. 

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Writen by: Leslie Ozoaka
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Episode 3: #Fiction20

No no no no no!

I scream even though no words leave my mouth.

With tears falling rapidly from my eyes, I rapidly back away from the bloodied mess beside me till I hit the wall with my back, my bottoms screaming with pain.


I scream in my mind again refusing to believe what I’m seeing.

No. It can’t be Jaleel. Audhubillahi
Not my husband.
Breathe in; breathe out.
Who killed my husband?!!

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Writen by: Habibat Aminu (Bybarh)
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Episode2: #Fiction20 – Blackouts

December 2015  

The phone rang. “Hello Ahmed, peace be onto you”. “Good morning Jaleel, peace be onto you too”. “Can I see you today please.” Jaleel and Armani’s Doctor replied. “Okay, I’ll meet you at the clinic by 2pm today” as Jaleel hanged up. “Alright dear, I will be seeing Ahmed later today, he has some good news for us I guess” Jaleel remarked with a smile as he kissed Armani and left for work.

Later that day at the clinic with Dr Ahmed. Jaleel was quite curious about why the Doctor wanted to see him so urgently. “Jaleel, based on my past sessions with you and Armani as well as a couple of tests done on her, results show Armani is experiencing a condition known as ‘Blackouts’”, Ahmed explained subtly to Jaleel.

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Written by: Micheal Tadese

Episode 1: #Fiction20 

Abuja, 1993

Hadjia Hassanat sat in the compound  of the beautiful building she loved to call ‘Castle’ and heaved a deep sigh. She was many months gone and knew the baby would pop anytime, she kept hoping that the moment came earlier than the doctor  envisaged , just so she would get it over with and push out the ‘thing’ inside her .

She was tired of  carrying a bump so huge and she had grown really fat over the years. Her  husband always had a  busy day but he  made sure to check on her through the company messenger who came home twice a day to see how she was faring. He had spent his earlier years as a Bureau De Change apprentice, now he owns and operates five branches of his and this meant he had to be constantly available. It was from this business he was able to build the huge edifice that Hadjia loved so much and many more.

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Written by: Tolani Busari

Episode 5: #Fiction20

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