Result Management System - Web App

This web-based system was designed to enable secure uploading and accessing of students' results within the administrative unit of a tertiary institution. It was designed using ASP.NET4.0 technology as the front-end interface and MySQL database for data management.

Features of the System
-   Updating results of students securely within the administrative unit
-   Sending students’ results to other sub-units securely within the administrative and non-administrative units
-   Accessing students’ results securely within the administrative unit
-   Increased speed and flexibility in the updating, sending and accessing of students’ results within the units
-   Automation in the communication process amongst the administrative unit personnel regarding student results’ status

Schematic Diagram - Result Management System

Relevant Institutions for the System
-   Tertiary institutions (universities, polytechnics and Colleges of Education)
-   Secondary and primary institutions with a high volume of students
-   The Nigerian Examination Council Board (NECO) for managing their Junior and Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations
-   The West-Africa Examination Council
-   The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
-   Computer Professionals of Nigeria (CPN), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and other professional institutions for managing their examinations

Modules in the System
-   Manage Student Records (input new records, update existing records and access)

-   Manage Courses Details (input new records, update existing records and access)

-   Manage Students' Results (input, update and access)

-   Internal Communication (send notification of new and updated results to unit personnel))

-   Manage Users (administrative and non-administrative users)