At the coffee shop

At the coffee shop

She sat in her usual corner with her ten inches, white coloured mac notebook placed at the centre of her round table, powered up and ready for her to use. To her right were a writing notepad and a black ink pen while a coffee mug placed just next to the laptop.

As she was about to take a sip of her favourite beverage, the entrance door to the coffee shop opens and a five-feet tall lady, having a dark-brown coloured hair cut to the level of her shoulder in a red blouse covering her left shoulder down to her elbow and her right arm opened.

Beneath her blouse was a blue silky skirt which fitted her slim waist and curvy hips, stopping a few inches above her knees.

So she walked in and headed straight for Michelle’s table with a big smile on her face. “The moment I didn’t see you at your desk, I knew I’d find you here. Still amazes me though, how you go round the clock working on one thing or the other.” Michelle giggles before responding “I have a couple of articles to edit for my freelance clients and couldn’t risk the distraction of the office space and all.

Besides, wouldn’t want you all seeing me do non-official routines frequently using the office’s resources. I can’t set that sort of example.” “Oh that I know you wouldn’t want to do but yet, you do need a break from all these routines sometimes. You can’t keep working all through without chilling a little” Jessy replied. “I would take some time off but not now. Thanks for caring anyways” Michelle responds with a smile.

Michelle takes a sip at her coffee eventually and sets her gaze back to her screen. Just as Jessy was about to go take her order at the cafe’s bar, the door slides open again and this time, a six-feet tall, fair-skinned, bearded and suited up average aged man walked into the coffee shop and headed straight for the bar, obviously to get his order.

Jessy couldn’t but pause to call Michelle’s attention again. “Look at him. Looks like the chap who works in the hospital few buildings from our office?” Jessy asked Michelle. “It would seem so Jessy, why do you ask?” “Nothing really, I’m just asking.” Jessy responded as she stood up and went to get her lunch.

A few steps taken away from Michelle, a sudden noise sounded, as a metal seat struck one of the round tables and a sharp “Bang!” sounded on the floor. As everyone’s attention was drawn towards the direction of the noise including the new entrant at the bar spot, it was Jessy’s body they all saw on the floor, passed out. “CALL FOR HELP! She’s not breathing.” one of the bystander customer in the cafe shouted even though she hadn’t checked if Jessy was actually breathing or not.

As another bystander took out his phone with everyone’s hope that he was about to actually call for help, the contrary was the case, as he turned on his phone’s camera, only to record the incident. Fortunately for him, no one paid him any reverence as the passed-out Jessy was the major concern of others there and then.

“All I wanted was just my regular coffee and a bread sandwich with a mix of fried egg, sausages, tomatoes, onions and mayonnaise spread across it.” Brian remarked to the waitress behind the bar with his raised brow and ended his remarks – “but not sure that’s the only thing I’ll be getting now” as he went straight to Jessy’s spot, asking everyone to be calm and give the victim some breathing space. “Are you a Doctor?” one of the customers asked Brian. “No! I’m a Physiotherapist, but while we wait for a Doctor, I’m sure we can help restore this lady’s consciousness.” Brian responded.

So Brian laid Jessy flat on her back, placed her two arms on either side of the floor, locked his left palm over his right and placed both on Jessy’s chest. Brian began to press his palms down Jessy’s chest and releasing his palms back and forth for a while. Afterwards, he took out a white handkerchief from his suit’s inner pocket, opened it up and placed on Jessy’s red glossy lips which matched her blouse’s colour.

Brian placed his lips over the white fabric and blew some air into Jessy’s mouth a couple of time. Just as Brian was about to start another round of heart pumping with his hands, Jessy coughed out, opened her eyes halfway and the next words she whispered enough for Brian to hear were “Hello Stranger”.

“Welcome back. You gave some people a fright here.” Brian spoke quietly to Jessy. “I’d sit you up now, go get us some sandwich with coffee and come sit here next to you to be certain you’re absolutely alright. At this point, Michelle got up from her seat to help Brian pick Jessy up and sit her on a chair. Just as Jessy was being sat down, Michelle whispered into Jessy’s left ear, silent enough for Brian to miss out on saying “for the record, you’ll make a really good actress”.

Micheal Tadese

photo credit: pixabay