Developing a Result Management Portal – A 2015 Project Report

Developing a Result Management Portal – A 2015 Project Report

An efficient, reliable and secured result management portal is highly essential in the management of students’ result within every tertiary institution. It enables the seamless updating and secured sharing of students’ results amongst the tertiary (academic and nonacademic) personnel.

The design and implementation of a result management portal being discussed in this report is also applicable to other institutions besides the tertiary-based ones. Such institutions include the primary schools, secondary schools as well as other government and non-governmental institutions organizing various examinations for students of all ages and disciplines. The need for an effective, reliable, secured and interactive result management portal in tertiary institutions is steadily increasing as Computer-Based Examinations practices in addition to other practices have become growing trends in these institutions.

The portal will be designed to enable the institution’s Unit personnel easily access students’ results, update them with recently released scores and grades as well as securely notify other institution’s Unit personnel of the new result’s availability on the portal.