Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour

He wants to rule the world
She wants to keep it running
He speaks of changing the norms
She proclaims to uphold the existing balance and strength
He speaks of her past errors
She points out his ‎lack of reverence for others

The world has been quite peaceful with her coordination
Some lives have been transformed by his inventions
The art of governance, she proclaims to bring to the table
The art of economics, he’s skilled at and willing to execute
Sentiments are out of his culture
Insensitivity is a missing aspect in her nature

A selection of followers prove loyalty to him
And pay the most attention to his intentions
A selected others give their ears to her
Believing she would keep her word regardless of the odds

What outcomes may come out of this all?
And who gets to have the final laugh inwards?
Who proves to satisfy the needs of the followers?
How would the world perceive the moments after the final decision?

None about these are certain
Neither does anyone know what the future may bring
Yet all would give their preference of leader
And make known the choice of whom to trust their future with

In the end, one will follow and the other would lead
One would take hold of the staff while the other takes the back seat
The world would cheer for one and laugh off on the other
The disappointed would accept their fate and concede to the Victor

All in all, the final moments would be the deciding factor
And such moments would be anticipated quite much
The contenders would till then be the louder voices heard
While the world would at the eleventh hour discover their new leader.