Five Things I’m Proud of Today

Five Things I’m Proud of Today

Life is beautiful, life is fun, life is sweet, amazing and full of surprises. But life could also be disappointing, hectic and sometimes, sad.

The way we see life actually tells the outcome it brings us. We are allowed by free will to be optimistic or otherwise and we have learnt from ours or other’s experiences that being optimistic yields a happier life and one full of gratitude to ourselves, our friends, family, community and our creator.

It’s been less than twenty days into the new year. I’m glad to be in it and still looking forward to all that comes along with it. Nevertheless, tomorrow is mostly a mystery of what is to come. So all we are certain about is today hence, we are obliged to make the most of it and be proud of what we have achieved so far.

There are a number of things I’m presently proud of as well as things yet to come which I’m anticipating in due time. Below is a list of the top five things I’m proud of at the moment:

1. Proud for the gift of life

“A living dog is better than a dead lion” as some would say. With life there’s hope. It’s inevitable denying the economic situation of our dear country today. But as long as we still have blood running through our veins, the world is ours to transform and make a better place. So if I’m alive and well today, I’m proud of that most of all because I know that being alive is a sign that there’s still a mission for me to fulfil a goal for me to achieve, a problem for me to solve and lives to impact positively.

2. Proud for the gift of family

The saying that “family is everything” is a popular one. Be it the family we are born into or the ones we create in life afterwards, there’s nothing more accepting, enduring, loving, caring and tolerating than our families. They stand by us in times of needs, they cover our tracks when outsiders won’t, they support us in the least or best ways possible to mention a few. I’m proud to have my family around me.

3. Proud of BFFs (Best Friends Forever)

There’s nothing better that having friends who celebrate the good days with you as well as lash you mildly when out of line in life. We may take our time in catching up and talking about our moments away from each other but when together, and the memories shared and the conversations are always worth the wait.

4. Proud of outstanding colleagues at work

As an IT Manager, working alongside fellow IT colleagues, business administration, clinical, accounting, programme coordination, fashion and client relationship personnel, We all understand what is required to get the job done when necessary. Notwithstanding how tedious the work may be, we always take the time to find humour in our jobs through momentary jokes and pranks in the line of duty. In the end, the job is delivered on an outstanding level and the fun part of it is never omitted.

5. Proud of my career prospects

With a successful completion of my postgraduate diploma programme in Information Technology last year, an added Six Sigma certification in Project Management, a full year of writing for an inspirational blog site, a compilation of multiple poems (published on my blog site), I can’t be more grateful for my personal achievements hence, something more to be proud of.

There are definitely more to be grateful and proud of about life but these are my top five reasons. Kindly share yours.