Only Time

Only Time
All she wanted was his attention 
To keep her company in times most lonesome
All He wanted was an assurance 
To be certain he wasn’t heading for another heartache.
So she took the step of asking him out
Regardless of the notion around 
Yet with assertiveness, he declined
With the intention to avoid an intimate instance
Little did he know, she was hurting already 
But still she kept up with persistence.
Buzz after buzz, call after call
The check up on him never ceased 
Responses, one after the other 
He kept talking calmness and charm to her
But yielding to an intimate close up, he avoided.
How long, before she switches off 
How far till she diverts her attention 
How soon before he makes her realise
That his reservations for her would deter them from being 
Or that his feelings for another would become obvious.
Time favoured neither of them 
Yet timing was a tool they both used every now and then 
What would be the fate of them both
As the saying goes, only time will show.