the warbler, the cell

Behold now the warbler
In different sizes, forms and colours, it appears
With its limitless boundaries, the warbler crosses any border
Yet how light or so unseen are its feathers
Its voice, piercing through the blank space
The echo resounding in an alternate phase
What’s the mystery behind the warbler’s effect?
Some ask with a great feeling of curiosity
Be it possibly sea waves, sun rays or mere atmosphere?
As the warbler whispers to you, every word from my lips which it gets
Word for word; Sigh for sigh; Bit after bit
Whispering back to me all your words as from you, it hears
The warbler itself is what? We may ask
Then, the mystery of its effect, we may discover
The warbler is the cell phone I speak to you with
The medium which keeps your words and mine within
Sharing your whispering with me and mine with you
From distinct phases of the earth, it links us through.