Clinic Information System

This desktop application was designed using the C#.NET 3.5 Framework. The data records are managed using the MySQL database server 5.2 version. It is designed to operate within a local networked structure with the database setup on the network server while the application itself installed and operating on each workstation. It was tested successfully on a Microsoft Windows 2008 server and Windows7 workstation.

Features of the application are highligthed below while active modules are displayed further down.

Present Features of the System

–   Registration of new patient data into the system
–   Updating of existing patients’ data (demographics)
–   Creating new records for clinicians (doctors, nurses etc.)
–   Updating records of existing clinicians
–   Creating Administrative Users (to manage the system and users alike)
–   Updating Administrative Users’ records (editing existing ones and removing the non-existents)

Features to be Reviewed / Refined
Some (but not all) features found on a complete clinical system which are yet to be included in this application include:
–   Booking of appointments for patients to meet clinicians
–   Updating or amending of booked appointments
–   Entering and editing of patient vitals for each visit
–   Logging of patient complaints, doctor’s recommendations, prescriptions and refferrals

Modules in the System
–   New Patient
–   Find Patient
–   New Clinic
–   Manage Clinics
–   New User
–   View Users
–   Full Patients List

To instantly review the source-code for each module, please click the appropriate link below:

–   New Patient
–   Find Patient
–   View Patient Records (Demographics)
–   New Clinic
–   Manage Clinics
–   New User
–   View Users