Pizza Cooking Party

Pizza Cooking Party

As they got out of the car, Sam alongside Freddie, Jane and ofcourse, Sherry who drove them to the restaurant. Not certain what the outing was about yet, Sam decided to follow through.

Few minutes after they sat down, the call for the cooking contest was made. “You’ll be the first to go Sam”, Sherry called him out. “To go for what exactly dear?” Sam asked Sherry with a curious look. “The Pizza making challenge sweety. It’s a cooking party quite alright, but the only way we get to eat anything here is by making our own favourite pizza using the ingredients provided. This will be tasted and remarked by a random attendee. So time to remake the same home-made pizza you’ve goten me addicted to. Only this time, you get to be on stage while at it.” Freddie and Jane gave a nodded look to Sam in support of Sherry’s notion.

“How come I’m the one making it and not you, Freddie or Jane?” Sam asked Sherry. “Well, I registered your name for the contest before now and Freddie’s turn will come, when he has learnt how to make one. But for now, go take the chef’s hat dear” Sherry’s persuasive response to Sam as the three gave an applauding gesture to him.

As Sam stood alongside four other chefs-to-be, the ingredients were laid in front of each one. So started the challenge as the chefs began with the slicing and layering. Sam looked down at the  flour, dry yeast, sugar, salt, oil, oregano, mayonaise, tomatoes, onions, green pepper, beef and dried basil. Next he picked up the knife, chopped up the onions, tomatoes, pepper and beef before pouring them all into the pot to heat up. Next he took up mixing the yeast, sugar, salt, flour. Just as he usually made it for Sherry at home.

About forty minutes later, Sam’s version of home-made pizza was done and ready for the judges to taste. As Sherry stood up and walked towards Sam, he couldn’t be more excited with the thought that Sherry would be more favourable with her remarks towards his serving.

All chefs were asked to allow their tasters try out their work. Sam, pro-actively took a slice from his rounded tray to place into Sherry’s mouth.

A sudden scream exclaimed from Sam as he opened his eyes to see his fingers locked between Sherry’s teeth. “What was that for dear?” Sam asked. “That was for rubbing your fingers all over my face, trying to mess it up instead of getting up from bed. Your cooking party starts in two hours” Sherry replied. “You mean I’ve been dreaming this whole time? The lights, chefs, ingredients, my home-made pizza… everything has been a dream? Even the cooking party!?”

“Sweety!” Sherry’s response to Sam, “if you don’t get up and be ready in thirty minutes, the only cooking party you’ll be attending ever will be the one in that your dream.

Micheal Tadese