Son and Dad


He sat outside on the staircase;
His eyes gazed towards the streetway;
‘Come on in son’ his mother said to him, ‘your dad will be working late tonight’;

‘Well, he kissed my forehead strangely this morning’ the son replied;
‘And made me promise to always lookout for you mom’;
‘That’s really strange’ she said to her son;
‘Its the same thing his father said to him before he left him indefinitely and his mother’;
‘How young was he when that happened mom?’ he asked;
‘He was about your age then’ she answered;

Suddenly, with a concerned mind, she picked up her cell to call his phone;
Only to get a ‘Number Not Reachable’ response tone;
‘He’ll be home soon son’ she said ‘you can go to bed now’
‘How are you so sure mom?’ He asked with a low sound;
‘Because those are the last words he said to me this morning(‘will see you soon Hon’) before heading out’;

Night passed, and  midnight went by with no positive turn up;
By 6am the next morning, the mother, fast asleep on the sofa heard a knock on the door;
She got up in anxiety to open the door only to see her husband standing next to a grey-haired man;
‘Honey’ he said with a cheery face, ‘may I introduce you to my dad’.