Special Delivery

Special Delivery

She got up with a self-love feeling
He woke up with optimism
Out she stepped, in her red chiffon dress on black heels
In his blue suit and a wine bow tie, he left home
On a different path, they headed
From a distinct source, they proceeded

Her day seemed like any other
As she went about her usual routines
His aim was targeted towards his deals
Not disregarding the colours and nostalgia
That came along with the day

Yet on her face, was a smile so priceless
And a composure, undoubtedly admirable
On his mind, was the signed cheques to be received
One other thought that didn’t leave him be
Was to dial her number to express his feelings

An alternate act he however embarked on
As he picked the phone to dial
And a few conversations he had

An hour later was a package on her desk
“Special Delivery” were the next words she heard
As she opened it to see a bouquet of roses
Alongside a fragrance box placed with a chocolate pack
And a note saying “I Love You Sweety…”.