The Muggee and the Accomplice


Coming out of a mall and returning to his car;
Carrying along all his purchased items in a bag;
He got a tap on his shoulder;
‘Follow me’ a man in a shady glass whispered;
‘Beg your pardon’ the man inquired;
‘Come with me’ the shady man holding a gun replied;
About to turn and follow the shady man;
A young guy walked up to them, touched the shady man’s shoulder;
with a quiet tone, ‘he isn’t going anywhere with you’ he said to the shady man;


Suddenly, a slap resounded on the young guy’s neck from another shady man;
The young guy looked back at the man with a knife on his right hand;
‘What’s it to you?’ the second shady man asked;
‘Now hand over your phone and wallet;
‘Here they are’ the guy replied shivering while handing over both items;
‘You too goody-bag man, hand your bag over’;
On taking the bag, wallet, phone and lying both dudes down, the shady man left with his other;
‘Thanks to you’ the guy said to the man still facing down, ‘my phone is gone and I’m stranded half-way home’;

‘well thanks to you’ the man replied, ‘I’ve still got my car and in it both my phones;
With both guys still facing down and another tap on the man’s back;
‘I almost forgot’ the first shady man who ran back said holding his gun on his right hand;
‘Hand over the car keys and keep your face down while you’re at it’.