At the Mall


He saw her in a mega-mall two years after they parted;
Looked at her and felt butterflies in his system;
She looked at him and though keeping her cool, felt the same;
With a smile on his face, he walked up to her and took her by the waist;
Lifted her up and held her close to him;

Feeling like they’d parted since ever or something;
She giggled at his affections and feelings;
And asked what’s been up lately with him;
His reply sounding soft as he was planning his upcoming wedding arrangements;

Both chatting for a while, but moved by the news, she wished him a great life ahead;
But he felt strongly like thoughts of her were fixated in his heart;
And nothing else at that moment could compare to memories of her;
Little did he know however;
That she as well was already betrothed to another;