The Contract


She stepped into the building;
And headed straight to the receptionist;
‘Hello, I have an appointment with the MD’ she said;
‘Good day, he’ll meet you in a few minutes’ the receptionist responded;
‘Please have a seat while I notify him you’re here’;

Few minutes later, the front-desk phone was dropped;
‘You may go right up’ said the receptionist, ‘his office is on the first floor’;
Thirty minutes later, the meeting was concluded;
Straight from the staircase, she went down to the receptionist’s desk;
‘Thanks a lot, will see you again next week’ she said to her;
‘Alright, you’re welcome’ the receptionist replied her;

On her way to the exit, she sees her ex-boss, an entrepreneur;
‘Hello Sir’, she greeted him with a smile;
‘How do you do?’ he greeted her back as well with a smile’
‘Very well sir, thanks’ as she heads out of the building;

‘What brought the lady here?’ The ex-boss asked the receptionist out of curiosity;
‘She came to bid for the brochures-printing contract’;
‘Well, interestingly so did I’ he said in a quiet manner;