Diverse by Nature



A forgetful deed on one’s part;
Is taken by another as a mean act;
Words of disappointments and anger from one’s lips;
Are perceived by another as disrespectful and abusive;
Thoughts and acts of low expectations by one from others;
Are misinterpreted by another as acts of shunning close pals;
The silence and unresponsive feedback given by close ones;
Is mistaken as intentions of walking away and moving onwards;
With the hope of pleasing and satisfying some needs;
Others are cut short hence, claiming negligence;
The same glass seen as half-empty from an angle;
Is concluded from another perspective as half-full;
Words of encouragement and upliftment given by one;
Are taken as persuasion to divert to a different pathway hence, disregarded by some;
Positive remarks of one’s outlook and fairness;
Are sometimes taken as words of mockery or even harassment;
Yet all are moulded to see, speak and act differently;
And equally at liberty to perceive, listen and interpret uniquely;