The Director


An exceptional bright morning, as the firm’s Director got up from bed;
‘Another annual history to be made’ he said;
With all plans and expectations falling into the right place;
‘Nothing could go wrong today’ he thought within him putting up a cheery face.


Stepping out of his apartment, he headed straight for the theatre;
A drama was to be hosted for the invited audience to mark the firm’s 10th;
Seeing his Vice at the back entrance,
The Vice awaiting his Director and the arrival of other key players;
‘Is everyone on ground?’ the Director asked;
‘Not quite’ replied his Vice, giving him great anxiety;
‘Really! Who’s yet to show up? Why aren’t they here yet? What’s keeping them, her, him?’
Much questions leaving the Vice with just one response – ‘he’s stuck in traffic’.

Amidst all the drama off stage and with the lights all up,
The lead actor finally arrives as awaited by all;
The drama started, the audience got entertained;
The firm received multiple rounds of applause and the Director, extremely satisfied as expected.