On the wedding aisle

On the wedding aisle

It was her wedding day with all going according to plan. She was dressed in her white gown, made up and touched up in all aspect. Her groom was on the other side of the building all suited and kitted up, ready to head for the alter.

“We head out in ten” noted Bobby the groom’s bestman. “Where’s my little ring bearer?” the groom asked Bobby. “He’s waiting for you at the altar brother. And so is the reverend.” Bobby replied. “So what are we waiting for then” the groom rhetorically asked as they signed out of their room and headed for the church.

Back at the bride’s room sat the bride waiting on her dressers to round up and pave her way to the church altar. Just as the bridal team was about to exit the room, the bride’s mother rushed in to meet her daughter with a panic-mode expression written all over her.

Back at the bride’s room sat the bride waiting on her dressers to round up and pave her way to the church altar. Just as the bridal team was about to exit the room, the bride’s mother rushed in to meet her daughter with a panic-mode expression written all over her.

“Remy dear! Your brother!! Word just got to me that he’s being rushed.” her mother crossed her hands over her head as she pulled her head tie off it and dashed it on the bed. “Mama what are you talking about? Where is Jimi and what happened to him” Remy, the bride asked with calm as ever tone and posture, waiting to get the exact detail of her brother’s status. “He’s been rushed to the hospital. He was involved in an accident on his way here.” Remy’s mother replied.

Meanwhile, Jonny the groom is presently waiting at the altar for his bride to-be, unaware of the latest update. “What’s going on Bobby? Where’s my wife?” the whispering questions from the groom. Dipping his hands on his pocket to bring out his white handkerchief, Bobby replied while wiping the steam off his forehead.

“I don’t understand too brother. I saw Remy about an hour ago and everything was fine then.” the sensible response Bobby could give Jonny at that time. At this point the standing, little ring bearer had taken a seat behind the groom on the church alter ground, the instrumental crew had started whispering to each other, the reverend waiting to join the couples was standing still next to the groom with his curious look aimed at the groom most of the time. The groom himself was getting short of apology to the reverend while the remaining congregation had taken up different conversations amongst themselves to while away the moment.

At the bride’s room, however, “Wish you were here daddy… So who’s going to walk me down the aisle to meet my husband now that Jimi isn’t here and might not be?” the sorrowful question from Remy. “Well, if your older brother can’t walk you down, then how about your baby brother? The height difference isn’t that much between Ben and Jimi anyway” Remy’s chief bridesmaid remarked.

“As much as I want to disagree on your notion, it sounds like a realistic option at the moment.” the sad and desperate response from Remy. As the bride’s mother could not agree nor disagree at that moment, she subtly called in Ben and explained the entire situation to the twenty-one year old three hundred level undergraduate student who thought less of playing a big brother role nor a bride’s father on such day.

After much said, the bride decided to let her younger brother walk her down the aisle. As they approached the church’s entrance, everyone in had been updated about the bride’s in-coming, bringing everyone in the church back to the event’s awareness. So Ben walked Remy down the wedding aisle as Remy hid her red and sour eyes behind the white see-through net over her face, worried about her big brother.

“Hopefully, my eyes would have gotten clearer by the time I get close to my husband” Remy silently whispered to Ben. “I hope so too” Ben replied optimistically. Just about halfway on the aisle to the alter, heading towards Jonny, there was another prominent entrance into the wedding hall such that Remy and Ben had to pause and look back in reaction to Jonny’s facial expression towards the door.

It was Jimi, leaping into the wedding hall with the support of a walking stick on his left arm side. As the eyes of Remy lit up with joy, and of all the reactions she could have made, she busted into tears and ran back to meet Jimi. “What took you so long brother?” she asked with a big smile on her face and tears dropping from her eyes while hugging Jimi tighter than her wedding dress’ waist part felt. “I stumbled on a little roadblock on my way here Sis. But I’m here now and sorry I’m late”, the calming response from Jimi.

“Now let’s not keep our new in-law standing for too long not to mention, please allow me catch some breathe too from this squeezing. Ben let’s walk the bride down now shall we. You take right arm while I keep to her left”. “Oh Jimi, you don’t have to strain yourself, Ben has made it a little easier for us all”, Remy’s response to Jimi. “I noticed but I have a promise to keep as well” Jimmy’s next words as Remy and Ben looked at Jimmy with a curious face… “Promise! To whom brother?” Ben asked. “To dad, before he took his last breath”. “And what did you promise dad Jimmy?” Remy asked with absolute curiosity. “What I’m about to do now” as he lifted Remy’s left arm, asked Ben to do the same to her right and the trio walked down to hand Remy over to Jonny leaving a awe outlook on the reverend, Jonny and his bestman.

Micheal Tadese


photo credit: pixabay