At the beach

At the beach

The day started out bright at the Coco Beach as the hot wind blew through the sea shore, piercing through the sharp sand and lifting the waves of the sea from Eastern part towards the west, the tour crew couldn’t wish for a better climatic effect. “If only everyday could remain like this” sighed Jade, lying on a beach mat and facing down next to Macy, also lying right next on her own mat.

While Bruce was, however, kicking through the waves of the seaside, Ralph was on the other hand, taking all the pictures that could last him a couple of months to fill his photo gallery. Looking through his camera lens however, Ralph noted “why does it look like the day’s getting dark a few miles away from here?” “That’s because it’s raining there Ralph” Bruce replied. “RAIN! Today of all days” the worrisome tone of Ralph as Bruce replied calmly, “that’s nature for you dude.”

Meanwhile at the beach house were the rest of the crew eating, drinking and chatting themselves away. The rhythm from the music playing soothed the atmosphere even more as one of the ladies on the table thought out loud “we should do this more often you know. Like every weekend.” “That’s fine with me Becky knowing I’m a freelance writer who spends almost every day like a vacation. Can’t speak for others though” Sheila replied.

Just as another response was about coming up, the sky suddenly turned dark at the beach. The palm trees around began swaying to the left, right and any direction the wind went. The sands around the hut suddenly gained momentum as they moved over the ground’s surface. The sea was not left out as the waves kept rising and thrusting from one side to the next.

At the sea shore, Macy’s concern grew stronger judging from her next words “I think I’ll take this lying and sun tanning thing inside before the sand buries me alive here.” “Oh you worry too much Macy. It’s just another sea breeze, only wilder this time.” Jade responded. “Well, I’m not letting the wildness take its toll on me.” as Macy struggled to get the words out while packing up her mat and accessories with her eyes half closed.

A few steps away from Jade, Macy heard this loud goshing sound behind her. Paying more attention to all she was carrying along with her, Macy kept her gaze forward. Strangely, she saw her fellow ladies ahead of her looking towards her with a shocking outlook. Macy had to halt her motion for while to make more sense of what all the weird looks meant. Next Macy saw some other ladies pointing towards her like she had a mess on her face or something worse. At this point Macy’s curiosity was growing impatient.

Out of the bloom, Macy decided to look back at Jade so as to bring her attention to the unusual stare from everyone. At the turning of her head, Macy dropped everything she was holding like they were a pack of match sticks which meant little or nothing to her. The shocking reaction on her face and entire body was far stronger than the others looking at her combined.

The goshing sound Macy heard was that of the sea waves pounding on Jade and drawing her into the sea. All Macy could see on Jade’s mat was her mat and nothing else. Jade had been swept away with the sea. The screaming and yelling that followed from Macy’s lips were the type she could never recall making in her life. Sadly when Jade was being swept off her mat, even Jade couldn’t see it coming as she faced down while being dragged. By the time she could make a sound, the sea waves had a higher pitch than Jade’s voice.

All hope was almost gone for Macy now as her yelling couldn’t save Jade. Neither could her lack of swimming skills. Bruce’s attention at this point, had been brought to Jade’s present ordeal and without hesitation, his swimming reflex threw him right into the sea headed towards Jade’s direction. Ralph, on the other hand who’s also aware of the incident kept his calm knowing Bruce had gone to the rescue. All he could do then was cover the scene or whatever he chose to call it with his camcorder.

As Bruce swam close enough to reach Jade’s hands, he grabbed her by her left wrist, swam even closer to reach for her slim waist which rested above her curved-out hips. Bruce held Jade’s waist to draw her closer to him. With his sea diving skills amongst others, Bruce was able to swim back to shore using his left arm and legs while holding Jade tight with his right arm.

Jade had obviously lost consciousness and was hence, at the mercy of Bruce’s rescue as Bruce finally brought them both to the shore far enough from the sea. As he was about to place her down, Macy pleaded aloud for Bruce to bring Jade further into the hut as the rain had started pouring then.

Bruce yielded and took Jade inside, placed her down on her back and pumped her heart a few times to clear up her lungs and airway of water and all. With a couple of coughing out alongside some water popping out her nose and mouth, Jade opened her eyes and remained quiet for a while. This she did, trying make sense of what had happened so far.

At this phase, Ralph soothed Jade’s curiosity by telling her he’d taken a video coverage of all that happened to her recently, for her exclusive view (edited or otherwise), when she’s fully recovered of course. Macy couldn’t be more excited for her friend’s safety and the presence of Bruce at the right time.

Micheal Tadese


photo credit: pixabay