In her own spot, she sat still
As she gazed at everyone move to the music
Through her phone, she skimmed at intervals
Giving others the notion of incoming alerts

At an extreme end, was he seated
Checking her out as she skimmed and surfed
Curious at why she preferred to sit tight
If at all she was making the best of the night

With a mild smile, he approached her
With a curious tone… “how so you prefer sitting?” he asked
“Enjoying the view I guess” she replied
“And what view my lady?” he proceeded
“The lights, the dance, the scenes ”
“Well, they could be spiced up, you know?”
“I know, just taking my time before I do” she concluded

Moments later… “May I have this dance” He asked
“Yes you may” she replied with a smile “but just for a while”
So they tip-danced themselves to the floor
Moments later, they became the view to behold
As others watched and took shots of them
Seemed like the night was waiting for them both
To add up their part to the show.