She wanted the attentions
He needed a companion
Through their journey in life
Fate made them cross path
Between them, grew much feelings
The infatuation, carried alongside their friendship
His affection for her was indescribable 
Her indifference for compassion was undeniable 
The attentions, she got from others and him a lot
The companionship, she was undecided about 
The affections, he received from her
The distractions in her heart, he could see all over
The message they send to others leaves no doubt
The vibes they create when together reassures varied thoughts
Yet the confirmation of their bond seems a mystery
And a validation of their commitment creates an inquiry 
Would he keep up with the usual acts around her?
Would she proceed to remain neutral with her feelings?
Would he cease to pretend he doesn’t want more than he’s getting?
Would she persist from keeping up her guard?
All in all, the memories that keep them together
Is the same which leaves them undecided.