New Dawn

New Dawn

To the friends that stood by us,
And their unending support thus;

To the team we worked with,
Making it seamless and fun, through thick or thin;

To the relatives that backed us up,
Being there for us through it all;

To our dearest clients,
Patronising us consistently with their unending requests;

To the community that watched us daily,
Wishing us well as we progressed, through everyday’s ordeal;

To our Mentors whom we look up to,
Guiding us one way or the other, through every situation;

To our God Almighty whom we serve,
And saw us through to the end of the year past;

With a heart full of gratitude,
We say a Big Thank you;

Looking forward to taking greater leaps;
Climbing higher hills;
Crossing more hurdles;
Rising above all obstacles;
And shining brighter than ever.